The 2020 Audi RS 6 Avant is America-bound

You know how we always complain in here about not getting kickass euro wagons and always end up with SUVs that we don’t want instead? Well, today marks the exception. Audi announced that it is bringing the mighty RS 6 Avant to north America. All of its 591 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque will make their way here, bringing with the wagon style we love and plenty of ass-whoopin’.

Performances are stellar in the 2020 RS 6 Avant thanks to Audi’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 paired to an Audi Sport-tuned gearbox, which in turn feeds the Quattro AWD system than distributed torque 40/60 per cent front/back in normal driving conditions. Hammer the pedal and the magical Quattro contraption can throw as much as 85% of the torque at the rear wheels. 0-96 km/h time is estimated at 3.6 seconds.

The wheels you see on the photos are 21-inch aluminium alloy units, and they are tied to a pneumatic, high-adjustable suspension delivered standard. There’s an optional suspension that is composed of good ‘ol steel springs and dampers. But it hides a specific technology aimed at reducing roll. Each damper is linked hydraulically to the damper at the opposite corner, so “when cornering at speed, the valves regulate the oil flow in the shock absorber of the spring-deflected front wheel at the outside of the curve” explain the engineer at Audi.

Otherwise, it’s typical RS stuff as you can contemplate in the following gallery. In the finance department, we think this sassy wagon will carry a heavy price tag, upwards of 100K.